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Gua Sha is a commonly used technique in Chinese medicine which is very similar to cupping in its treatment methodology. However, the Gua Sha technique is done a little bit differently. Gua Sha is done by placing a salve on the skin to act as a lubricant, and the practitioner will then take a tool of some kind, usually with a smooth rounded and gently scrape the surface in the area of the injury or problem to disperse the stagnation of Qi and blood to promote healthy circulation.

Gua Sha treatment is often used in the treatment of flu, skin rash, allergies, and cold symptoms. Practitioners use jade or ox horn Gua Sha tools with herb oil to rub the patient's meridians to remove toxins and restore energy flow. It brings a great benefit to those patients who suffer from chronic pain, excess systemic toxicity, poor circulation, lymphatic congestion, Inflammation, fatigue, Infections, and physical or emotional stress

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