Face Reshaping Therapy

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Face/ Skin Tightening, Lifting, Contouring and Removing Wrinkles

Japanese face reshaping is an extremely gentle correction technique. As long as there is a proper technique, the bones can be changed. Osteogenesis is not changing the shape of the bones but just changing the position of the bones.

The principle of Japanese osteopathy is:

  • The human skull is made up of 23 bones,
  • With age, the bones and the gap between the bones continue to increase,
  • There is the asymmetry between the left and right faces,
  • Resulting in abrupt facial bones,
  • The facial lines lack softness...

We will formulate beauty programs that vary from person to person, starting from the perspective of overall beauty and style pursuit without changing the customer's own characteristics, plus local fine-tuning, and ultimately achieving the effect of "natural beauty"

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