Tina Sun - Leduc, Edmonton Massage Therapist

I am Tina Sun from Shanghai of China and was born in a Chinese doctor's family. My Grandfather and back forward 3 generations were Chinese medicine doctors all very well known in the local area. I moved over to Canada in 2007. My Tuina journey started in 2012 when I got my RMT license In Albert. Because of my background. From start, I put Tuina as one of my therapies. as a remarkable result, gradually it became mainly therapy during my treatments. and I became more passionate about focus Tuina therapy. 2014 I went on a post-graduate study trip for 3 months to Vietnam and China, where I gained invaluable clinical experience in private Tuina clinics and hospitals. In 2015, I visited China again to study Chinese Medicine for 3 months.

​ As continue learning and practice, I am far more interesting in Tuina. I calculate the experience in the treatment of different illnesses and problems. and got successful treatments for sleeplessness, body pain and swollen, high blood pressure, constipation, diabetes, less energy, depression, sex dysfunction (ED PE Treatment).

​ Now, I'm adding new services about beauty and body shaping Its final new technology combines Japanese slimming with the Chinese diet and TCM theory to change the face and body. It's safe and very effective, non-surgery effective. Nonsurgical people look different in their desire hoping desire.

​ From the effective result I got more confident about my treatments! I am happy to see people after getting rid of illness or pain to reply happy smile and hope everyone get a cure. I am passionate about my work and helping people transform their health get their well-being and enjoy life!